Ashley here! From the youngest of ages I believed in the magic of love and life. I believed that fairy tales really do come true, that people are innately good, and that joy is simply us being our truest selves.


Along the way I had failures thrown at me and deep seeded fears that pulled me away from that bright eyed girl. It's not that I ever changed those beliefs, I kept saying it was true, but my actions and intentions in life said differently.


And then the day came when I was done with the limited Ashley. I wanted to be me again! I wanted to live the life I always claimed was true.


That was 2016 and my journey began by writing a gratitude journal and starting a documentary photo series capturing one highlight of each day with my baby daughter, Rosie. This project stopped me in my tracks and suddenly I realized that there was so much magic in my life all along. I just never took the time to look around.


And so developed my passion for storytelling and lifestyle photography. It's time we slow down and see the magic happening in every moment, with every connection, and every passion we enjoy. Because if not for magic, what are we doing here?


Special thanks to StoryMaker Photography for capturing my beautiful heart and life with Rosemary perfectly!



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